Mabius food startup center

About us

Mabius is the business accelerator helping talented food entrepreneurs to collaborate with corporations in order to enhance and scale new products, addressing current and evolving needs and creating real value for consumers. 

Our mission is to accelerate the evolution of food products, so that the assortment available to consumers keeps up with the rapidly changing trends and development of the society.



Ivan Sidorok
founder, investing partner

NMGK co-owner Ivan Sidorok managed to transform a regional family FMCG company into an international business with a turnover of more than $2 billion per year. By creating a strong partnership between Wilmar Nizhny Delta Holdings and the Asian agro-industrial holding Wilmar International Ltd., Ivan Sidorok made it possible for NMGK to enter global markets. In 2014 he created Mabius Food Startup Centre.

Alexander Kiselev
co-founder, director

Business analyst with 8 years of experience in FMCG, real estate and the service industry (including Sistema-Hals and NMGK). More than 3 years of experience with the FMCG-products on the Chinese market.

Sergey Dodonov
technical director

Over 5 years of experience in the food industry. He has hands on organizational experience in construction and fine tuning production processes of FMCG products

Anna Karabash

15 years of experience in fashion press and business magazines (Harper's Bazaar, Forbes, Snob), 5 years of experience in business PR. Anna oversaw PR-campaigns for Moscow’s Cabinet Lounge, the private banking arm of MDM Bank, the ArtKvartal urban project and the Door 19 pop up. Anna has been at the Mabius food startup center since 2014. She also authors for Forbes and Snob magazines.

Andrey Ryvkin
gastronomic director

Serial entrepreneur, chef and co-owner of United Kitchen restaurants. Andrey is a UK based chef, working in Russia. He was awarded an MBA and a City & Guilds in Professional Cookery Level.

Elena Evdokimova
finance director

Arseny Martinchik
nutritiologist, MD

Leading Russian nutritiologist, MD, professor

Anton Sharikov
PhD, food technologist

Specializing in Biotechnology of food and biologically active substances. Author of over 30 publications and 4 patents in Russia. The holder of a diploma of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences for the best prototyped scientific development of the year.

Maria Demidova
brand manager

Planning and event management, in charge of project SMM and PR support.

Mikhail Zabelin
account manager

Communicates with startups and coordinates processing of their applications using 4-stage assessment methodology at the first phase of the project.

Maria Rukavishnikova

Nikita Dodonov
online marketing manager